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Ashtanga yoga immersion


Chiara Cova e Martina Cova

November 20-25

  • 5 Mysore

  • 1 led class

  • 3 workshops 

Arminda & Xabi.png

Arminda & Xabi
Denen Yoga
December 2023 / January 2024

Arminda: "Yoga is for me a tool and medicine. A path of transformation and evolution.  A path of effort to unite myself with the earth I walk on and with the sky that covers me...
I am an eternal student; perhaps this is what most "identifies" me. I never stop studying, reading and I love teaching.  But I also keep putting myself on the other side, with my professors, teachers, professors and teachers.
I want you to know my experience in Yoga from "the hands" of those who have been on the other side. I am a sum of all of them as a practitioner and teacher."

Xabi has lived for 6 years in the Canary Islands and it is there that he got to know Ashtanga Yoga through Ananda Zorzo and became his student.
Since then he has gone several times to Mysore to train with R.Sharath Jois, the grandson of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and successor of the Ashtanga Yoga lineage. Xabi has also studied with Saraswathi Jois the daughter of Pattabhi Jois mother of Sharath.
He has also studied with many of the most recognized teachers in the world of Ashtanga Yoga such as Matthew Sweeney, Rolf Naujokat, Peter Samson, Tomàs Zorzo, Louis


new events 2024

Petri Räisänen

February 20-25

Ashtanga yoga 

1 week yoga immersion from 20 to 25 of February, 6 days togheter with Petri’s wisdom and super soul.


Morning Schedule

  • Five Mysore sessions and one led class

  • The first morning practice begins on day 20, concluding on day 25.

Afternoon Schedule

  • Two workshops focusing on adjustments, primarily designed for teachers.

  • One workshop delving into the preparation of more challenging asanas.

  • Exploration of pranayama and meditation to enhance self-awareness, calm the mind, and tap into our full energy and human potential.

  • Petri will guide us in creating the mindset for traditional self-healing techniques on our own bodies.

Exclusive for this week, Petri will be offering private sessions for energy healing treatments.

I will lead a workshop on mantras, chanting, and celebrating the joy of yoga through Kirtan and a Bhakti approach.

Photo credit: @alexander_berg

Workshop Prices:

  • Full workshop: 380 euros

  • Morning practice only: 230 euros

  • Drop-in class: 40 euros

For deposits and reservations, please contact me at or visit the webpage.


Eli Olazar
Mayo 2-5, 2024
Taller Intensivo Ashtanga Yoga

Este encuentro es una oportunidad para profundizar en tu práctica de Yoga y/o establecer un ritmo diario desde la visión del Yoga, . Cada mañana después de la sesión de asana nos juntaremos para adentrarnos en algunos de los fundamentos de la filosofía que sostiene esta práctica, no solo para conocerlos, si no para vibrar en la energía de su significado y la recitación grupal. También abriremos un espacio para comentar aspectos y ajustes prácticos y como adaptar la práctica según la Naturaleza y las necesidades individuales de cada estudiante.


Jueves 2 Mayo
7h-10h Clase Mysore. 
10,30-11,30 Preguntas y taller sobre posturas fundamentales


Sabado 4 Mayo
7h-10h Clase Mysore
10,30-11,30 Preguntas y taller sobre el aspecto restaurativo en la práctica

precio total:


Viernes 3 Mayo
7h-10h Clase Mysore. 
10,30-11,30 Preguntas  y tal


Domingo 5 Mayo
7h-10h Clase Mysore. 
10,30-11,30 Satsang: el camino de la autoindagación;
reconectando con la Verdadera Naturaleza que somos

180.00 €


“YogaVolt" Shala is a project that aims to connect teachers and students to share their knowledge, energy and wisdom in order to recharge our spiritual battery. 

The shala is located in the north area of Fuerteventura, close by an old vulcano, in the Atlantic Ocean where the elements alchemy represents a unique synergy of water, wind, fire and earth.

In this place the ancient practice of yoga can be experienced like in the past, away from chaos, in connection with nature and the true Self.


Valentina Parmigiani -Vaishnava Ananda Dasi-


Valentina is the founder of YogaVolt.

She began to practice yoga in 2005 during her study of Indian Philosophy at the University of Bologna.

After exploring different styles in Italy and India, she became a Jivamukti teacher in 2014.

In 2012 she started Ashtanga Yoga following Matthew Sweeney and became a teacher in 2016; in love with the practice she never quit.

Valentina met Petri Räisänen in 2017. Since then she is his regular student, continues to travel and to live between the island, Italy and India to keep on learning from her mentors.

Her yoga path has the foundation in her Bhakti practice, she studies Bhagavad Gita at “Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta”,  as a a member of the Vaishnava tradition, under the guide of her spiritual master Marco Ferrini (Matsya Avatar Prabhu).




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YogaVolt Shala Fuerteventura

C/ Montaña Colorada 3, Lajares

+34 600 30 48 34

@ yogavolt_shala

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